Toy Soldiers

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Fic recommendations?
Hi... Sorry, I realize that this group is inactive, but I decided it would be worth posting here just in case. My name's Tad. I'm new to the fandom, though I watched the movie a few times growing up. It didn't actually occur to me that someone had written fic about it until I stumbled onto some on Archive of Our Own. I've now read everything on AO3 that isn't a crossover fic and I've gone through everything in this community. I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics on other parts of the Internet?

I also apologize if anything about this is odd. I've never used LiveJournal before and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Sean Astin and Wil Wheaton on Twitter
Posted by @wilw: At a voice over audition. As if having a whole lot of fun with a character wasn't enough, SEAN ASTIN is here!

Posted by @SeanAstin: @wilw Bromance Reborn


Keith Coogan sighting!
Bitch please
In this hilarious video: Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (CCOKC). I love this on so many levels!

We have a VID! "Trouble" by @KelseyRags
Bitch please
Vid behind cutCollapse )

Made by @KelseyRags. I think this is the first vid we've had, but if I'm wrong, I'd love a link to one I missed!

Edit: Whoops! Forgot to put the vidder's name down! If she has an LJ I'll put it in, but she linked this on Twitter, so I'm not sure.

Head's Up!
Um, okay, so I did something rash. If anyone else here listens to the /report podcast done by rageprufrock and mklutz, there's this feature they do called Fandom Safari, where you send in a recorded summary of your fandom and try to get others into it.

And I did Toy Soldiers.

The recording sucks and it's so weird listening to myself, but there it is.

Link to the episode. You can stream, download, or download free from iTunes. The fandom safari starts at around 1:10:30. The rest of it is hysterical, and I recommend the podcast in general, but just head's up, we might be getting some attention if it catches on...

*ducks back to lurker-dom*

Nice shirts, guys!
I came across this pic the other day.

Toy Soldiers
From Wil Wheaton's latest blog entry:

I had a surprisingly good time watching [TOY SOLDIERS on TV], and it seemed like every scene prompted a memory that I hadn't thought of in years. I had so much fun recalling them, I'm considering making my own commentary track as an mp3 and selling it at Lulu for a few bucks. You know, in all my vast amounts of free time.

I'd say 'who do we need to bribe,' except clearly the answer is Wil himself. Does anyone have a Typepad account? Sadly, one seems to be needed in order to leave a comment egging him on. Even better, at least one commenter has suggested bringing in Sean Astin as well. Eee.

Toy Soldiers on iTunes
Bitch please
Just a head's up to anyone interested: Toy Soldiers is available to rent for $.99 on iTunes (one-time watch only, unfortunately), but to buy is only $4.99. I'd say it's worth a look!

Keith Coogan interview
I thought the members of this community might be interested in an interview with Keith Coogan about the experience of making 'Toy Soldiers'. It's very interesting with lots of great behind the scenes stories. Worth a read, imo.

Toy Soldiers Drabbles
So, This is the first time I've posted to this community, though I've been lurking for awhile. I wrote these drabbles months ago and have been too chicken to post them until now. There are three of them, none of them are rated higher than like, PG and one of them has spoilers, though I'm not sure I need to warn anyone about that. Yeah, C&C are really appreciated, and I hope you like them.


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