Toy Soldiers

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Toy Soldiers
jennaria wrote in billyjoeyslash
From Wil Wheaton's latest blog entry:

I had a surprisingly good time watching [TOY SOLDIERS on TV], and it seemed like every scene prompted a memory that I hadn't thought of in years. I had so much fun recalling them, I'm considering making my own commentary track as an mp3 and selling it at Lulu for a few bucks. You know, in all my vast amounts of free time.

I'd say 'who do we need to bribe,' except clearly the answer is Wil himself. Does anyone have a Typepad account? Sadly, one seems to be needed in order to leave a comment egging him on. Even better, at least one commenter has suggested bringing in Sean Astin as well. Eee.

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Oh wow! That would be so awesome! Especially if he got Sean involved. I wish I had a Typepad account but I don't. I'll pass this on to my flist, though, in case someone does.

...strange, that this should come up not a week after I've wrecked a newcomer, tearelateddream, with TS, just like you wrecked me. I mean that in a good way, by the by ;)

I really hope he makes that track.

Oh man. Flashback to 2003 babeh!

Ironically, Karen (Sunqist) is going to be in Seattle with me for the next five days. We should put Toy Soldiers in the DVD playah!

Ugh, clearly I don't know how to use Live Journal anymore, I meant to reply to the post, and instead I reply to comments.

Showing it to Jane last Sunday was...I don't know, watching her expressions, it may be as close as I ever come to seeing my own reactions the first time I watched it. Eerie. Because I don't think I ever reacted so emotionally to a film on first viewing as I did to TS.

Say hello to Karen for me!

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