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We have a VID! "Trouble" by @KelseyRags
Bitch please
lovetheboys wrote in billyjoeyslash

Made by @KelseyRags. I think this is the first vid we've had, but if I'm wrong, I'd love a link to one I missed!

Edit: Whoops! Forgot to put the vidder's name down! If she has an LJ I'll put it in, but she linked this on Twitter, so I'm not sure.

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Wheee A Billy Tepper video! Thanks for the link!

You're correct: this is the fandom's first vid! If there'd been another one by now, I'd have known about it.

I loved this. I've never heard that song before, so, you know, way to go getting me hooked on some new music. And you made the cuts in just the right places!

Whoops! That's what I get for posting right before bed.

Not my vid, unfortunately. I do not have the mental capacity for vids. I don't know if the maker has an LJ, but on Twitter she's @KelseyRags. I will edit the post so it says that.

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